Rethink at Home
for parents and caregivers

Rethink is a benefit for PayPal employees that gives your family 24/7 access to tools and resources to help you and your care team in understanding, teaching, and better communicating with your child. We specialize in helping care for children with learning, social or behavioral challenges and developmental disabilities.

The program is provided by your employer at no cost to you and includes:

Ongoing remote consultations with a dedicated behavior expert to answer your specific questions

Unlimited access to how-to videos and resources on our website and mobile app

Exclusive resources developed to assist your child with skills like socialization, self-help and academics

This program is not yet available to you. Contact Rethink Support if you have questions.
Rethink at Work
for managers and employees

The term neurodiverse refers to any type of cognitive variance in the brain that affects how people learn, communicate and process information and interact with others. This program provides access to e-learning modules and expert support to help you hire, manage and understand diversity in the workplace.

The program is provided by your employer at no cost to you and includes:

E-learning modules on topics including interviewing skills, understanding neurodiversity and more

Unlimited access to printable resources to support you and your teams in the workplace

Live, virtual access to clinical experts to help with specific questions and individualized needs