“Rethink provided us with additional resources and materials along with webinars and conference calls regarding our son’s speech delay issues and how to improve his condition. He has shown amazing growth, and his speech has also improved. Cognizant providing us with programs like Rethink clearly indicates how focused it is on its employees’ overall development on the personal front, as well.

-Abhishek J.  Cognizant Parent, Rethink User

“My child is non-verbal. Family members didn’t know how approach him or how to talk to him because he would get very upset and scream. Rethink had materials and lessons that I showed them and had them implement. They are now able to talk to him and touch him without him screaming. It has help tremendously in my life and my child’s. I have told other employees about this program to better educate people who may not understand autism. I have also shared this with other employees who have children with autism. If my employer didn’t offer this, I would have been lost, upset and stressed out.

Amber T.  Charter Communications Parent, Rethink User

“Before using Rethink, my son’s challenges included maintaining attention during our homework sessions. As a parent, this is frustrating as we are not in the classroom environment, but with Rethink parent resources, I was able to cater to his interests and keep his attention. The resources are endless. Not everyone has a teaching degree, and even if we did some, children need different aids to learn. Rethink makes it easy to follow different forms of teaching according to your child’s responses. It’s an amazing resource. It should be advertised as part of the perks and benefits in the company.

 Bethshaimarie T. The Home Depot Parent, Rethink User


“At the beginning, we knew so little about everything, but after the first consultation session, I was hooked. We are learning so much from our great coach, Kim Smalley. Now the teachers and therapists often compliment us about our autism knowledge that we learned from Kim. Rethink lessened so much pressure at home and made me concentrate more on my job. It is one of the great benefits that keep me staying with my employer.

Jian FIntuit Parent, Rethink User

“My son is very friendly, and he loves to learn. He has a hard time adjusting to new environments. It makes it hard for him to focus. I’ve had numerous child care workers express that he has a learning disability. I’ve used Rethink for tips on helping him to focus, in addition to the children’s activities. It helped me feel more useful as a first-time parent of a school age child. I was struggling to help my son adjust to a new school environment. I felt like I was failing him as a parent. Rethink empowered me with a new approach to my son’s issue. As a parent, it’s helpful to have the resources to help make the best decisions for our children. All employers should offer this program.

Bridget M. The Home Depot Parent, Rethink User

 “I was very interested in extra resources to help guide us with some behavior issues. It makes me very appreciative that my employer values this resource and recognizes this as something families really need.

Christine K.  Nordstrom Parent, Rethink User

“Our child is a twice exceptional child. He has learning disabilities but is gifted. He falls through the cracks in a public school setting, even with parent advocacy. We were given some great tools to implement in helping with anxiety and social situations. This program was so helpful to us just in validation that we knew our child best, what was right for him, and that we weren’t wrong in thinking our child needed some help not only educationally, but emotionally. It was a relief to talk to someone who understood our struggles and had a plethora of suggestions of things to try that were actually helpful. We have met so many families through social media looking for answers. If this type of service was offered to them, parents who suspect an issue would be able to get help and use interventions much earlier. By offering this program, Comcast has shown that the company values the well-being of the families of its employees and supports them.

James H.  Comcast Parent, Rethink User