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Driving equity and inclusion for the neurodiverse employee population.

Neurodiverse employees excel at sought-after skills and attributes including attention to detail, pattern recognition, design, problem solving and creative thinking.

33% of adults are neurodiverse

Neurodiversity can be defined as a cognitive variance. Simply put: It refers to innate or acquired biological differences in the brain that affect how people learn, communicate, process information and interact with others.

What is Neurodiversity in the Workplace?

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The Value of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Employers can recognize significantly greater value contribution and productivity from their neurodiverse talent by enabling their neurodiverse individuals to perform to their full capacity.


more productive than their neurotypical peers


faster at problem-solving than neurotypical peers


of neurodiverse individuals with a 4 year degree are unemployed or underemployed.

We Help Employers Benefit from Neurodiversity in their Workplace

Rethink’s Neurodiversity solution helps employers retain, support and optimize the performance of neurodiverse talent. Our research-based content and clinical support helps HR, managers and employers navigate through common challenges and areas of breakdown.

Our Neurodiversity solution provides consistent results and successful inclusion of neurodiverse talent in the workplace. We enable neurodiverse talent to excel while overcoming common neurodiverse conditions such as:

  • Interviewing and Onboarding
  • Supervision and Direction
  • Providing Feedback
  • Peer to Peer Communication
  • Inclusive Thinking
  • Understanding

How It Works


Online training modules and printable guides to help managers and neurotypical employees understand neurodiversity that improves communication and identify issues before they escalate.

Live Support

24/7 remote access to Board Certified Behavior Analysts to discuss challenges in real time and provide HR and managers with strategies for success.

Onsite Consultation

Neurodiversity and sensitivity trainings, manager and Employer Resource Group (ERG) consultations and work environment assessments.

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