Rethink recently hosted a webinar with two partners, Costco Wholesale & The Home Depot. Each discussed unique communication and implementation strategies they’ve deployed to successfully engage with and support their employees who are caring for an individual with a developmental disability.

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“I can’t think of hardly any benefits we’ve ever added to our suite that got so much attention and so many letters to our president thanking him for bringing Rethink on and what a difference it was going  to make in their lives. We even got letters from people whose kids were grown who had amassed tens of thousands of dollars of debt to provide their children ABA therapy when they were younger and those parents were even saying this doesn’t help me but I’m so glad that other employees are now going to be helped so it was just a grateful group of these folks who needed this help.”— Donna Sexton, Costco Wholesale

“We have always had a very strong compassion and support for autism as well as other Developmental Disabilities, ever since I joined the Home Depot 12 years ago we covered the gamut of available  services  for all types of Developmental Disabilities and so when we first learned of Rethink it wasn’t a matter of “If” it was only a matter of “when” and “how” we would be able to offer it.”— Ann Marie Kelly, Home Depot


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