Rethink Provides Tools to Help Charter Mother Meet Parenting Challenges

“My child is non-verbal. Family members didn’t know how to approach him or talk to him because he would get very upset and scream. Rethink had materials and lessons that I had my family implement. They are now able to talk to him and touch him without him screaming.

Before using Rethink, my child was not respond­ing in a social setting well with other adults or children his age. Rethink taught my family how to approach and teach my child. It made him going and adapting to a school setting so much better within a few months. He still has lots to learn, and with more material added to Rethink continu­ously, we will be using it non-stop.

It has helped tremendously in my life and my child’s. I have told other employees about this program. If my employ­er didn’t offer this, I would have been lost, upset and stressed out.”


—Amber T., Charter Parent and Rethink User