Rethink Benefits Highlights


“I think it’s a great resource and benefit for parents of children with behavioral challenges. It would not necessarily be right for every employee (e.g., single, no kids), but is useful for those who fit the demographic.”

“Our daughter has Down syndrome and is developing her language skills more slowly than her typical peers. We are having success with flash cards and I like the possibilities that exist with the various printable materials on the site.”

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“You can work at your own pace and set specific goals you want to focus on. If you ever run into an issue you need help with, you can easily set up a phone appointment. The videos are key as well.”  


“Since I’ve been using rethink it has helped my two boys tremendously. Their reading wasn’t the best but since we’ve begun the rethink program it has been a great help. I am forever grateful for us guys.”

It’s a valuable resource because it had a variety of learning material for kids in different age groups and with different learning disabilities.”  

“ this program has given my boys the confidence to be successful in their reading and communication when they are faced with a problem they don’t understand.”

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