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1 in 6 kids have a life-long diagnosed developmental disability (like autism or ADD), and their caregivers struggle to balance work and life. As a result, caregivers experience 2.4x higher rates of stress and anxiety, poorer physical health, and 4x the medical expenses.

Rethink Benefits is the first and only global solution providing Fortune 100 companies and public sector, government and non-profit organizations with training and support for employees caring for a loved one with a developmental disability or undiagnosed challenges with learning, behavior or socialization. We offer caregivers 24/7 virtual teleconsultations with expert behavioral clinicians and online evidence-based training and resources they need to teach their loved one skills, address problem behaviors, collaborate with the school and clinicians, and navigate today’s complex environment.

Rethink also recently launched the Neurodiversity Inclusion Center, offering e-learning modules and a clinical support system to train HR and management about the neurodiverse community.

How to Recognize Signs of Depression

September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and Sept. 8-14 is marked as National Suicide Prevention Week. This is a time to share resources and information from mental health advocates, prevention organizations and community members.

The importance of the topic is illustrated in a 2018 survey that reports 70 percent of teens in the United States perceive anxiety and depression to be a major problem with their peers. Early detection and intervention can reverse the course of depression and prevent suicidal actions.

In the video below, Mona Potter, MD, a child and adolescent psychiatrist, shares evidence-based strategies and tips for identifying and managing signs of depression.

Employees with autism and those who are neurodiverse have a lot of skills to offer manufacturing companies.

Mike Civello, Vice President and creator/director of the Neurodiversity Inclusion Center at Rethink Benefits is featured in Industry Week discussing how neurodiverse employees can be an asset in the manufacturing industry.


Total Health Engagement

Excited to be a first-time sponsor at the Virgin Pulse Thrive Summit in New Orleans this week. Glad we could be part of the solution for Total Health Engagement – helping employers build healthy workplace cultures that encourage all employees to be their best and most productive selves, at work and beyond.

For those of you attending, stop by Table 11 to learn how Rethink Benefits can help you address gaps in your medical benefits, while providing training and resources to help caregivers feel less stressed, more productive and engaged at work.


Program Opens Doors For Adults On The Spectrum

National advocacy group Autism Speaks estimates 500,000 teens with autism will reach adulthood over the next 10 years. Today, 90% of adults with the disorder that impairs communication and social interaction are unemployed or underemployed. Check out this great program in honor of neurodiversity week. Glad to see other options, in addition, to Rethink for supporting the neurodiverse community.

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Learn more about Neurodiversity Week:


Learn more about Rethink’s Neurodiversity Inclusion Center:


Supporting Employee Caregivers with Children with Special Needs

Proud to have Mike Civello, our VP of Employer Services and our client Deborah Mackin, Total Rewards Manager, Benefits at PepsiCo present at tomorrow’s NBGH member webinar on “Supporting Employee Caregivers with Children with Special Needs. PepsiCo will be discussing how they support employees caring for a loved one with special needs to help improve their mental health and ability to balance work and life. All NBGH members can join us to hear the business case for adding support for these caregivers, and the results of the successful partnership between PepsiCo and Rethink.  

Pushing the Wellbeing Envelope

Honored to be presenting at NEBGH’s Annual Wellness Forum this week, where Mike Civello, our VP of Employer Services will talk about “The Value of Supporting Family Caregiver Wellbeing”. Learn how to support one in five of your employees who is balancing work with some type of family caregiving responsibility, so you can create a caregiving-friendly workplace to boost engagement and productivity and retain happy and healthy employees. https://nebgh.org/event/7th-annual-wellness-fair-forum/

2019 10 Best Healthcare Companies

Proud to be featured in this year’s CIO Bulletin’s 2019 10 Best Healthcare Companies. This follows our 2018 awards for being one of the 10 Most Innovative Healthcare Solution Providers by Insight Success and CIO Review’s 2018 50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers. Congratulations Daniel Etra for being an industry health tech pioneer and our inspiring CEO.

View full article:  https://go.rethinkfirst.com/2019CIOBulletin

May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

Caregivers need care too. Living a healthy lifestyle may not be easy but can be achieved by gradually making small changes and building on those successes. Find the balance between work and play, the ups and downs of life, and physical and mental health while caring for your loved ones. Find a little time for yourself today. It’s all right to ask for help – break the stigma.