1 in 6 Children is Diagnosed with a
Developmental Disability like Autism that Affects
Parents' Productivity in the Workforce.
Rethinking Your Corporate Wellness Program Has Big Benefits
Reduce stress and increase productivity by providing your employees with the tools and resources they need to understand, teach and communicate better with their child.
Data Icon Treatment Program
Rethink’s research-based best practice treatment program provides over 1,500 video-based teaching steps depicting clinically- trained therapists working with children on the autism spectrum. Developed by nationally recognized leaders in the field and available on demand 24/7, the program can be customized to specifically meet the unique needs of each child.
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Care Coordination Care Coordination
Parents can add an unlimited number of team members to the program and coordinate care among the child's support team including: therapists, teachers, medical professionals and family members.
Care Coordination
Peer Support Peer Support
Online communities and forums allow parents to communicate with and receive encouragement and support from other parents of children with autism as well as other developmental disabilities.
Peer Support
Telemedicine Tele-Consultation
On-demand live video chat with experienced clinicians helps guide parents through the challenges of their child’s developmental disability.
Activity Center Icon Automated Reporting
Rethink's automated data collection tools help parents track their child's progress and collaborate more effectively with professionals.

The unique administrator dashboard provides employers with real-time utilization and outcomes data.
Automated Reporting
Cost Effective Cost Effective
For only a few dollars per employee per year, employees worldwide can access best-in-class online treatment tools and support.
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What are employers and parents saying?
Our goal at Virginia Mason is to provide the best benefit products that we can to fill the needs of our team members. Rethink addresses a vital need for an easily overlooked portion of our families. We believe that by providing this support to the families we will see improved presenteeism and reduce individual team member stress. Implementation of the program was painless, efficient and cost effective!
— Tom Cranney | Director Staff Safety, Wellness & Benefits, Virginia Mason Medical Centers
of parents are satisfied with the Rethink Program's results and found it easy to use. 98% found the Program fit their schedule.
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